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Review by Simon Wait

4 out of 5 stars
"Excellent Experience for Thrill Seekers!"

My wife wanted to book me something extra special for my 30th birthday, but having been told so many horror stories about Track Days, we decided upon the Aerobatic Flight.

Location wise it was perfect, Burton upon Trent, so not too far from our Staffordshire home.

After three failed attempts to book and take the flight (darn UK weather!) it was fourth time lucky. The flight was executed by Dave, who was lovely and answered any questions I had about the plane and surrounding areas during take off. Then the world started spinning!

The following 25-30 mins were exceptional, and despite pulling 3g's throughout, i could not help but admire Dave's piloting skills. We completed loop the loops, barrel rolls, various spins and taking the plane vertical until it stalled. Pure exhilaration!

The only down side was that i wished i had been given the chance to take a few shots with the plane beforehand (otherwise i would have given this 5 stars).

In short - a really enjoyable experience for Thrill Seekers and good value for money too!

05 December 2012